Deep Space Voices

Deep Space Voices 3.3

Deep Space Voices is a dedicated add-on program for all the MorphVOX Pro users
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The users of the MorphVOX voice changing software had been longing for few additional effects, and in comes the solution, in the form of the MorphVOX Deep Space Voices 3.3 It is a dedicated add-on program for all the MorphVOX Pro users, allowing them to sound as though they have been taken back into the ancient world.

The user can sound like a fighting Cyborg, a scary Mutant, or stoic Android, irrespective of age or sex and enjoy the fantasy world in reality, with this highly novel tool.

The application is capable of producing sounds that truly give the feeling of being carried back in time, and enhances the starfaring experience and serves as the way to reach out for the Deep Space Voices, which one might not even fathom of.

It comes with various flavors of voice-changing capabilities right from that of a fighting Cyborg Warrior, Space Pilot Chatter, Voices in this Pack, Android Female, Android Male, Cyborg Warrior, Mutant Female, Mutant Male, down to a Space Chatter and helps its users to get transformed into one of these characters with great ease.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Many unique cool sound effects


  • Requires MorphVOX Pro voice changer software
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